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Interior of Holy Name of Jesus

Mission Priority Examen

In 2019-2020 Loyola University 新奥尔良 will participate in a Mission Priority Examen at the request of the Superior 一般 of the Society of Jesus and with the support of the Jesuit Provincials in the United States and the Association of Jesuit 大学 and 大学 (AJCU).

The Examen invites the Loyola community to engage in institutional reflection on the mission and to commit to a set of priorities for faithfully and creatively promoting our Catholic, 耶稣的身份 and values in the years to come.


A 指导委员会 chaired by the Vice-President for Mission & 身份 and made up of faculty and 工作人员 representatives from across the university will be responsible for guiding Loyola through the Examen.

The Institutional Examen moves through several stages, outlined here:

  • School commits to Examen during a given year. (LoyNO: 2019-2020)
  • National Coordinating Committee sends school documents describing the process, offers conference call/meeting to answer questions. (LoyNO: August/ September 2019)
  • School and Province Higher Ed Assistant select peer visitors.(LoyNO:August/ September 2019)
  • School submits one-page timetable/local approach for their Examen.(LoyNO:August /September 2019)
  • School gathers opinions, identifies recent Jesuit Mission Priorities and decides which, 如果有任何, 改变, and writes a summative Self-Study report.* (见下文)(LoyNO: August - October 2019)
  • 自学的 is sent to the Peer 访问 Committee (LoyNO: one month before Peer 访问)
  • 同业委员会访问. (LoyNO:TBD)
  • 参观结束后, the Peer Committee sends draft report back to give school opportunity to correct factual errors, 表达反对意见, and amend priorities in light of draft Peer Report. (LoyNO: TBD)
  • Provincial sends his advice, with final Peer 访问 Report, to Fr. 一般. Jesuit Conference President sends his advice to Fr. 一般.(LoyNO:TBD)
  • Fr. 一般 sends a letter to Provincial, who communicates content to school, other local constituencies including bishop, AJCU总统, and National Coordinating Committee.(LoyNO:TBD)
  • 鉴于……. 一般’s response, school works to implement its mission priorities.(LoyNO:TBD)


The centerpiece of the process is the production of a self-study. 使用文档 Some Characteristics of Jesuit 大学 and 大学: A Self-Evaluation Instrument, Loyola is asked to identify strengths and weaknesses with respect to mission effectiveness, to examine and evaluate our mission goals, and to establish two or three concrete priorities for mission enhancement during the coming 5-10 years.

In developing the self-study and formulating these mission priorities, the 指导委员会 will seek input from individual colleges and offices as well as a variety of constituencies, 包括教师, 工作人员, 学生, 受托人, the Loyola Jesuit community and the Archbishop.

Throughout the fall of 2019, three points inspired by the individual Ignatian Examen, a 500-year old prayer practice originated by St. Ignatius of Loyola, will guide each conversation:


  • Where have we been/How have we done in the area of Mission?
  • What has it meant for Loyola?
  • What attitudes and observations based on past experience do I/we bring to this Mission Priority Examen?

  • In terms of our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic university, how are we doing now?
  • Where are our values most evident?
  • 缺少什么??
  • What does the mission mean to me/us?


  • How can we improve in living the mission?
  • What 2-5 priorities ought I/we prioritize over the next several years?


A 访问ing Team of peer faculty/工作人员 from other AJCU colleges and universities will visit 新奥尔良 to interview members of the community and engage dialogue about the insights gleaned through the self-study and the mission priorities established by the university. The 访问ing Team is responsible for compiling a report that assesses Loyola's priorities, offers suggestions for new or additional priorities, and affirms Loyola's commitment to its Jesuit identity and to the leadership of the Society of Jesus.



Preparing and Listening

Executive 指导委员会 designs process to engage stakeholders for input on areas of strength & opportunities for enhancing Loyola's mission.

Executive 指导委员会 develops communication plan, meeting agendas, activity materials & schedule of stakeholder engagements.

Executive 指导委员会 distributes campus wide survey and completes listening sessions with important stakeholder groups.



类, teams and departments participate in reflective activities designed to encourage looking back, looking in and looking ahead to strengthen Loyola's mission.

The community's collective wisdom is captured into a comprehensive Mission Examen Report.



The campus community hosts a visiting team of AJCU colleagues to more deeply explore findings from Mission Examen Report.

Final Report is submitted to Jesuit Provincial and Father 一般 Sosa & implementation of mission enhancements begin.

View the infographic timeline



Members of the 指导委员会

  • Jeffrey Albert,Associate Professor of Music Industry Technology, College of Music and Media
  • Amy Boyle, Office of Residential Life (学生事务 representative) [spring only]
  • Alice Clark, Professor of Music 历史, College of Music and Media
  • Shannon Duplantis, Bursar (Financial Affars and Administration representative)
  • 安吉丽代尔, Digital Marketing Manager (Marketing and Communications / Staff Senate representative)
  • 罗伯特年代. Gerlich,年代.J., Associate Professor of 历史, College of Arts and Science
  • Lesli D. Harris, Chief of Staff (Office of the President)
  • Johanna Kalb, Associate Dean & Professor of 法律, 法学院
  • Laurie Eichelberger Leiva, Assistant Vice-President of 校友 Engagement(Institutional 进步 representative)
  • John Levendis, Interim Dean; Professor of Economics, 商学院
  • Hector Linares, Coordinator & Associate Clinical Professor, 法学院
  • 玛丽米. Musso,Associate Director of Student Financial Services (登记管理 representative)
  • 戴尔·奥尼尔, Director of Student Life and 部 (学生事务 Representative) [starting summer 2019]
  • Deborah Poole,Dean of Libraries
  • Dina Roudeze, Recruitment and Employer 事件 Manager, 学生的成功 Center
  • 卡罗尔·安·麦格雷戈, Associate Professor / Senior Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and Faculty Development
  • Angel Adams Parham,Associate Professor, Sociology department,College of Arts and Science
  • Jessamyn Reichmann Young, President, Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Gregory Waldrop, SJ, Assistant Professor of Art 历史 & Rector of Jesuit 易胜博


The peer site visit will take place March 1 - 3, 2020.


Chief Diversity Officer, Regis University

Provost, John Carroll University

Vice President Mission and 部, Rockhurst University

Paul Vu, SJ
Assistant Dean of Students, Loyola Marymount University


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